EUROL 4 Takts oljeservice kit,2L.+oljef.HF116 Honda CRF150 07-16 CRF250/450 R/X 02-16 Husqvarna TC/TE250 09-13

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EUROL Delsyntetisk 10w\40 servicekit inkl. 1 oljefilter

Synthetic motor oil for 4-stroke motorcycles

Eurol® Motorcycle 10W-40 is a synthetic engine oil without a friction modifier and has been especially developed for 4-stroke motorcycles. This oil can also be applied in motorcycle transmissions where an API SF or SG is prescribed.

Eurol® Motorcycle 10W-40 is suitable for touring, racing and cross applications and offers excellent protection against wear, deposits, sludge and oxidation under all conditions.

Eurol® Motorcycle 10W-40 has a low volatility, reducing oil thickening and oil consumption to a minimum.

Due to the sophisticated formulation, this oil offers an excellent protection to gearboxes and wet disc clutches and prevents from slippery and sticking clutches.

Despite the high loads between the toothed faces, the special oil thickener hardly breaks down, so that even at high temperatures, the viscosity stays in grade to assure a strong lubricant film.

At low temperatures Eurol® Motorcycle 10W-40 rapidly builds up a solid lubricant film for an optimum protection at the cold start.




Density 20°C   Kg/L     0.877
Viscosity 100°C   cSt     14.8
Viscosity 40°C   cSt     89.3
Viscosity -25°C   cP     <7000
Viscosity Index         174
Flash point COC   °C     220
Pour point   °C     -36