MULTI AIR Filterolja 1 Liter

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MULTI AIR Filter Oil is formulated from high quality base oils and especially selected solvents and additives, making this product suitable for foam filters of all brands, ensuring a free air supply without blocking.


MULTI AIR Filter Oil is successfully applied in foam filters of cross, touring and off-road motorcycles, as well as in GO-Karts and cross cars. The high quality of the product is long-lasting.                                                                   MULTI AIR Filter Oil will not drop-out in the filter. It offers a total protection against water, dust, sand and dirt, but allows a free air supply to the carburettor. Because of the blue colour, the covering of the filter by the fluid can be checked easily. It is recommended to air-dry the soaked filter, after application of the product.                          MULTI AIR Filter Oil is water resistant and will not be washed out by rain or spray water when cleaning the bike.