EUROL Super Formax Helsyntetisk 2 Taktsolja 1 liter

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EUROL Super Formax Helsyntetiska Racing 2 takts olja 1 liter (Lätt Jämförbar med Castrol Power 1 Racing 2 T olja)


Fully synthetic 2-stroke oil for very heavy duty engines

Eurol® Super 2T Formax is a fully synthetic 2-stroke oil for air and water cooled 2-stroke engines. It can be used in pre-mix and oil injection systems with both leaded and unleaded gasoline.

Eurol® Super 2T Formax is recommended for very heavy loaded 2-stroke engines in applications like race, cross, competition, chain saws, jet ski and go-karts.

In all these applications, the strong lubricant film stays intact, also at high temperatures. This results in an optimum lubrication and protection of cylinders, pistons and bearings.

Eurol® Super 2T Formax offers excellent deterging properties which prevent the building of carbon deposits. Exhaust ports and spark plugs are kept clean.

Eurol® Super 2T Formax offers an excellent protection against rust and corrosion and prevents wear of heavy loaded parts.

Because of the special additives, Eurol® Super 2T Formax is a low-smoke product which hardly smells. Eurol® Super 2T Formax can also be used in snowmobiles and chain saws.


Piaggio Hexagon

Jaso FD (Low smoke)

Husqvarna 266/Chain saw




Mixing ratio always according to manufacturers instruction.

Density 20°C   Kg/L     0.875
Viscosity 100°C   cSt     10.0
Viscosity 40°C   cSt     60.3
Viscosity Index         152
Flash point COC   °C     90
Pour point   °C     -48
Sulphated ash   Wt%     0.1
T.B.N.   mgKOH/g     3.0